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“I Got That From You” is the first glimmer of Taylor’s bolder artistry. By allowing herself space to grow through collaboration and introspection, the artist reemerges as a mature version of the talented girl who arrived in Nashville a few years back.” - Madeline Crone

American Songwriter

“Late last week, on-the-rise country music sensation Christina Taylor wowed with the release of her heartwrenching new single ‘I Got That From You’ which showcases her impressive vocal tone as she delivers one of the very best songs of the year so far which will go a long way in helping her break the mainstream market”.”

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I think this vocalist has absolutely everything necessary to make it to the top of the country scene. Her vocals are amazing, the music is top notch stellar, and I loved the lyrics. I don't even know if I have the words to describe this! I would buy this song and CD immediately! So natural and well done!!”

— AudioKite Crowd review

Absolutely love the melody and woah! The vocalist vocals are freaking perfection. Vocalist sounds refined, clear, and confident. Lyrics are catchy making me want to sing along. I can picture this song in movies and or tv shows! Perfectly executed. The chorus is giving me LIFE!!!”

— AudioKite Crowd review